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What's wrong with my stomach?

I feel like I haven't had a correct bowl movement in a while. I usually have to pull my legs up to my chest to comfortably release stool. Sometimes when I push hard, I feel a slight pressure on both sides of the base of my penis. Sometimes it feels like my Anus can't relax. A few days ago I also found a trace amount of blood on the paper when i whipped, This was following a session of constipation. Attached is a picture of my last BM

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A little amount of blood on the paper would be normal after constipation. And constipation is more common in "anxious types", as you seem to be. Go to a doctor, but if you already got proper examination you have to try to defocus on this symptoms, as more you're trying to control more they usually become worse.
If you didn't already go to a doctor, do it now: nobody can really tell you anything specific without a proper real-life visit and maybe some exams. Your feces seems a little bit "oily", but it's difficoult to say, this could be due to malabsorption but that's more likely to cause diarrhea than costipation.
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